How It Works ~ The Benefits to You

The flexible web browser interface provides you with complete visibility of all your fire system activity through a common presentation format. Data can be integrated with your existing desktop applications using standard Copy, CSV, Excel, PDF and print tools.

Sen-Tri can also store system Drawings, Configuration Files, Certification Documents and Data for all fire panels ensuring you have complete visibility and control of Fire System Data when and where you need it, whilst ensuring that any system modifications have been captured and recorded.

Central Storage for Critical System Data

  • CAD files
  • Fire system design
  • Risk assessment
  • Cable label information
  • As installed drawings
  • Graphics data
  • Fire system configuration files
  • Cause and Effect data

Service Activities and Weekly Test
Adjacent to each gateway is a means of selecting “Service” or “Weekly” testing. This facility enables reports to be easily generated providing a full inventory of the Fire System event log. The test facility connects directly into the gateway and does not affect the operation of the Fire Detection System and/or put the Fire Detection System into Test Mode. The Weekly and Service test inputs are connected to the gateway’s dedicated input board

Sen-Tri is the Solution