Notifications ~ To Your Smart Phone

We believe this solution provides clear assurance to the end user that they have a fully functional and well maintained Fire Alarm system.

Based on a cloud solution, simply installed and readily accessible it can provide significant capabilities including:

  • Fire & faults complete with details (panel descriptor labels) determined by event type:
    • Pre Alarm
    • Fire
    • Fault
    • Isolation
    • Disablement

  • Compliance with Regulator Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
  • Exportable in standard formats (xls/pdf)
  • Fire System Documentation & Drawings stored centrally
  • Generation of Test reports
Configurable data

The system is completely configurable to meet your needs and allow your selected recipients to receive specific data (e.g. ‘only fires’ or only ‘weekly test’ signals

The Right People

The Right Time

The Right Information