Reports ~ Manage your Data Easily

To review specific data over a set period of time you can simply log on to the Sen-Tri portal and very simply select your requirements as illustrated below. Note all the data can be exported into common formats (e.g. excel) and then filtered to suit your needs.

Event log

The Event log captures an infinite list of activities that can be filtered and sorted as shown above.


The Sen-Tri ‘service’ tab gives you graphical representation configured by week/month/year as you require. Percentage for maintenance activities are visible on the tab for your convenience as shown below. A one click button can list the devices that remain untested.

Weekly Testing

The ‘weekly testing’ tab is an effective way of demonstrating compliance to standards and will also highlight if the same device was used for the test over a 12 month period.

Reporting Features
  • Data exportable to standard formats such as csv, xls etc
  • System highlights duplicated call point’s used for weekly testing
  • Untested devices listed with one click
  • Trend analysis at your fingertips

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